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Video Munich (Germany) Press Conference (PART TWO)

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On the onscreen chemistry they share. 

Paltrow: He’s my favorite person to work with, I love him so much as a person and an actor. 

Downey Jr: Ok. 

Paltrow: He doesn’t feel the same way about me. 

Downey Jr: It’s crazy, were pretty intertwined, we hang out. Some people, they’re only close when they’re in front of cameras or they’re talking about how close they are even though they never hang out together. We make a point of spending time together. 

Paltrow: We hang out a lot. I’m very close with his wife, I worship his child, my children worship him. 

Downey Jr. Thank you. 

Paltrow: It was very fun actually because my children loved him before they had any idea who he was so it was really fun when my son realized what was happening and so I think he loves you even more if that’s possible. 

How Pepper copes with Tony’s womanizing past. 

Paltrow: I think Pepper has to maintain a little bit of grit when it comes to Tony. I have a very close friend who is married to Rob Lowe and it’s a little bit of a similar thing. She’ll refer to his past and it’s a very specific, ‘Yeah, well, I’m sure you knew Rob in the 80s.’ It’s kind of that thing, when Pepper is with a guy like Tony who’s done everything and everyone, she has to keep some humor about it. Like my friends, what they have is a really strong and amazing connection. They are really soulmates. I think that’s what Tony and Pepper are. Despite everything, they really belong together but it’s her defense and sense of humor. 


Their beautiful friendship in real life is inspiring and they on screen chemistry it’s so beautiful and creates such a real love story. I love them. They’re genuine and lovely. I just… Love Them. As Pepperony and just like Bob and Gwyn.

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