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I have to protect the one thing I can’t live w i t h o u t
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"How do I know you won’t hurt my daughter?" Pepper’s father sternly asked Tony. Pepper, her mother, and brother were all in the kitchen, making dinner and catching up. Her father, on the other hand, had Tony in the living room. He was pressing him with questions and statements, and they got harsher by the minute.

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And coloured~ Now to do that background and work out the story to it…

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"I’m going out." Pepper told Tony in his lab. Tony looked up from the work in front of him and hummed questionably.

"Where are you going?" He asked, now facing her.

"I’m getting a massage with Jane and Thor." She replied, walking up to Tony to see what he was working on. She saw scraps of metal on his desk, waiting to be assembled.

"Oh." Tony then furrowed his eyebrows. "Thor?" He pressed his lips together. He sounded a tiny bit jealous.

"Yeah." Pepper nodded. "Jane thinks it’ll be good for him to experience something different."

Tony raised his eyebrows and shrugged slightly. “Thor and different don’t usually mix. From personal experience, he doesn’t really like it when people touch him.” Pepper rolled her eyes at him; she knows how Tony could be when he meets someone for the first time. “Why don’t I go with you?”

Pepper raised an eyebrow at him.

"I haven’t gotten a massage in a while," he continued, "and I could really use one." He leaned into her a bit. "I’m having a bit of discomfort in the upper thigh region.” He pumped his eyebrows at her.

Pepper responded by playfully whacking him on the arm. She chuckled and shook her head at him. Tony chuckled back and smiled warmly at her; he loved every single second they were together.

"I’ll be back later." She told him.


"And when i come back,” She said seductively. “I’ll help relieve that discomfort you’re feeling.” Tony’s eyes widened. Pepper’s hand grazed his belt buckle. “Upper thigh region, right?” She bit her bottom lip while he stood there, frozen and turned on.

All he could do was nod slightly.

"I’ll be back later." She told him with a wide grin. She turned around and exited the lab. Tony slowly lowered himself back down onto the stool.

"Jesus, Pepper." He growled lowly.

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I know guys with none of that worth ten of you. I’ve seen the footage. The only thing you really fight for is yourself. You’re not the guy to make the sacrifice play - to lay down on a wire and let the other guy crawl over you.

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I would like a drink, please.
Got it. Okay.

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Sir, shall I try Miss Potts?
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Tony & Pepper

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Iron Man Helmet