Pepper loved that goatee.

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A fellow Pepperony shipper! What are some of your favorite fics? I've read through all that I can find and I wonder if you've found different ones or love some similar ones c:

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Hey! Alright, here some of my favorites



Ok so there’s a lot more, but i can’t list them all. Anyway, i really hope it’ll help you :)

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"I have to protect the one thing that I can’t live without. That’s you.”

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I don’t have anyone but you.

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i’m crying i never noticed this

guess someone has 12% of the bed

Yes, Tony sprawled in their bed… It’s so Tony.

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You’re all I have too, you know.

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all-time favourite characters : Tony Stark

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Hello! Can you write a one short when tony ask pepper to marry? Love your work, good job ;)

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Tony had never been more nervous in his life.

His heartbeat was erratic, arc reactor humming softly as it kept up with it’s pace.

He planned on getting it taken out, but wanted to make one last good effort on its part before he did.

It had been a couple months since the Mandarin escapade. Stark Tower was their temporary home until they finished the rebuild of the mansion. The Extremis that had wound itself within Pepper had been completely been drawn out, thanks to endless amounts of testing and research on both Tony and Bruce’s part.

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We kind of tried to make it clear the transcending need to be attached to that mask. It’s a pretty lofty idea. Um, but he also does it- I mean it’s… it’s… it’s stupid. It’s kind of almost an old chivalric thing. He’ll give it all up for love, you know? (looking at Gwyneth) See what you do to me? (23:00)

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Iron Man Helmet