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Summary: Pepper asks Tony to show her how he masterbates to her.

Rated: NC-17

Read at: AO3

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It’s you. It’s always been you.
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mcu meme -  7/7 relationships; pepper potts and tony stark.

You’re right, I don’t deserve her. But here’s where you are wrong: she was already perfect.

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tony and pepper pusheens OMG

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Tony Stark holding back tears in Iron Man 3

Off Pinterest

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that same loving smile

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STEP INTO MY OFFICE, BABY - a tony and pepper fan mix 

i. step into my office, baby- belle and sebastian| ii. this modern love- bloc party| iii. romantic comedy- stars| iv. mirrors- justin timberlake| v. superman- taylor swift| vi. all the pretty girls- .fun| vii. this love (will be your downfall)- ellie goulding| viii. you’re all i have- snow patrol| ix. i hear the bells- mike doughty| x. give me love- ed sheeran| xi. wonder- lauren aquilina| xii. sweater weather- max schneider and alyson stoner| xiii.  my body is a cage- arcade fire| xiv. wings- birdy| xv. the beacon- a fine frenzy| xvi. the good that won’t come out- rilo kiley| xvii. i know i know i know- tegan and sara| xviii. such great heights- postal service {LISTEN}

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Iron Man Helmet